Bull markets make money. Bear markets make brands

Bull markets make money. Bear markets make brands

This is something that has come up time and time again in Zebu meetings. Bull markets are when people and projects make loads of money, securing their finances for the next few years so that they can develop or splurge. When we’re in a bear market, like now, we see solid projects that run on actual merit, good technology, great organisation, and great ideas. When these businesses pop up in a bear market and are successful in spite of the economic conditions, they prove that they are a real brand with genuine longevity to offer to the space.

Bull vs Bear: Take Your Opportunities

A bull market refers to a period of sustained economic growth and rising crypto prices, while a bear market is characterized by declining crypto prices and a negative economic outlook. During a bull market, investors are optimistic and tend to invest more in smaller and medium-cap projects, leading to a rising crypto market. This can result in people making a lot of money through risky investing.

On the other hand, during a bear market, the negative economic outlook can cause investors to sell off their crypto, leading to declining prices. In fact, prices throughout the market typically correlate with the BTC price, so when Bitcoin starts tumbling, everything else follows suit. In these conditions, however, companies may focus on building their brand and improving their business operations, as they may have fewer opportunities for growth and may need to differentiate themselves in a challenging economic environment. By building their brand and improving their operations, they can lay the foundation for future success when the economy improves.

How Branding Helps the Bears

Branding and design can help a business weather a bear market by establishing a strong and recognizable image that differentiates the company from its competitors and resonates with consumers. 

A well-designed brand can convey trust and reliability, creating a sense of stability during uncertain times. It can also help a business establish its unique value proposition and communicate it effectively, making it more appealing to customers and attracting new ones. In addition, a strong brand can also increase customer loyalty, as people are more likely to stick with brands they know and trust during difficult times. 

Verdict: Make Use of Design Studios in Bear Markets

Overall, effective branding and design can play an important role in helping a business maintain or grow its market share and establish itself as a solid brand during a bear market. That’s the key point we’d like to make here; when the market is lacking in optimism and investment opportunities are slim, the solid brand and foundations you build in a bear market will set you up for long-term success and lucrative opportunities in the next bull run. 

Zebu Digital’s Head of Design, Charlotte, would like to leave you with some food for thought in regard to Web3 design during different market runs: 

“Design is useful in both a bear and bull market, but it’s extra useful in a bear market because it provides you with a time to really refine your look, feel, and how you talk to your audience. That’s the bear benefit. During this bear market, I’ve seen the collapse of so many roadmaps, milestones, and launches. You have to lean on design to engage your community in other ways, around your proposition and vision, especially whilst in flux with launches and the technical advances you’re working on.”

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