3 Reasons to be BULLISH about 2023

3 Reasons to be BULLISH about 2023

Just this morning we were checking crypto-news.net when we came across three roundup pieces that give us excellent reasons to be bullish.

“2022 Might Not Be the Crypto Disaster it Seemed on the Surface”

In the first of the three articles, Crypto News looked back on 2022 with a lens of optimism, giving great perspectives on why the year wasn’t all bad. Of course, no lambo, but there are so many great reasons to be bullish on 2022 when we consider what was achieved in a market downturn and the crypto winter that followed.


  • The merge
  • Positive legislation
  • NFTs x Major Brands
  • BIG investments (especially in Web3)

“Web3 Startup Momentum Set to Carry into 2023”

In the second article, Crypto News broke down the major areas of investment in Web3, dissecting the BILLIONS of dollars that were invested in the space in 2022. The most impressive takeaway from this entire article is that investment between 2021 and 2022 more than tripled, from $2.3bn to over $7.1bn. Read the breakdown for yourselves.

“DeFi Trends for 2023 and Beyond”

In the final of the 3 articles, Crypto News looked at the exciting DeFi trends for 2023, and the cause for excitement that they bring with them. With Web3 Gaming (one of our favourites), Stablecoin growth, and the “merge” and the “surge” among the topics discussed, we are BULLISH about what the next year holds in store.

Zebulls, what are you excited about for in 2023?

Drop us a tweet at @zebudigital to tell us what makes you think the crypto world is going to do a nice 180 spin and pump pump puuuummmppp! As we say here at Zebu, WAGMI! (We’re all gonna make it!). Until next time, Z.

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